Welcome to Ann Hogan Consulting

Ann Hogan Consulting is a Colorado based Human Resources Consulting firm established to serve small and mid-size business owner’s human resource needs.  We recognize that clients want products and services built around their unique needs and provided by a professional with deep expertise in their industry and market.

Ann Hogan Consulting works with business owners in a variety of ways. Our primary focus is in the areas of Human Resources Consulting, Business Owner, Staff and Manager Training, and Speaking Engagements. We will work with you to develop a customized outsourcing model that makes sense for your business.

Many businesses are simply unable to keep up with the human resources administrative functions of their business and maintain compliance with the ever changing regulations. Outsourcing your human resources functions to Ann Hogan Consulting allows key employees to focus on strategic initiatives that benefit the organization, increase productivity and thereby profitability.

Ann Hogan Consulting offers you human resources support and guidance in a way that works for your business.

We can help you fill positions with qualified professionals.


Small improvements here and there can keep employees comfortable and boost productivity.